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Dove-Davis Lot Clearing & Landscaping can help you estimate how many tons of Gravel, Sand, Crush and Run (ABC), Mulch, or Dirt you may need for your next demo, remodel, or refresh. Our easy to use calculator can help estimate the amount needed whether your bed is rectangular, triangular, or circular without having to pick up the phone or submit any additional information!

How to Use:

Fill out the material you want to use for your project and decide whether your bed is rectangular, triangular, or circular. Input the information needed in each of the fields and get your estimated amount of materials!
Fields indicated with a star (★) are required fields that need to be filled out before you get your free estimate.

Looking for Something Else?

Dove-Davis Lot Clearing & Landscaping would be more than happy to help! Whether you are looking for more services that we offer to you at a competitive rate or just have a question, we know we can be of service! Let us know how we can help serve you best.

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